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Power higher ed growth
with customer voice

We help you win hearts and close deals in higher ed. We do this by making it easy to capture your customer voice and share it with prospects.

Aristotly Profiles

With over 1 million data points on 3300 higher ed vendors, the Aristotly platform is positioned to become the most trusted resource in higher ed. We will help you lead your higher ed category both on-platform and off.

Use Aristotly as your home for trusted higher ed reviews, case studies, and category positioning.

Reviews & Testimonials

We can help you capture reviews & testimonials when your clients are most eager to give them. Our concierge & transcription service make it easy to gather reviews and leverage them to win sales.

Capture reviews easily with our branded review pages and concierge.

Case Studies

Case studies are the highest converting collateral in your sales and marketing toolkit. We can help you gather a case study for every persona without taking time from your clients or team.

Turn longer customer interviews into high-converting case studies. Renew NPS surveys and old reviews.

Higher Ed Buyer Guides

To compliment the Aristotly platform our Content Team will be producing comprehensive buyer guides and playbooks across our 100 categories. Lend your thought leadership and win over hearts in education.

Contribute and feature in Aristotly's in-depth buyer guides across 100 higher ed categories.


How we leverage your customer's voice

Our process makes it easy on both you and your customers. We do all the heavy lifting so you can capture & convert with ease.


  • Customer Lifecycle Capture Points
    We give you the tools to identify when your customers are most eager to leave positive reviews & case studies.
  • Invite to Review
    You get your own branded, one-click authentication form for your customers to leave quick, easy reviews.
  • Phone Reviews Concierge
    Our concierge is available to take your customer reviews by phone. We capture every word for use in your collateral.


  • 3rd Party Verification Badge
    After verifying a reviewer's history on LinkedIn, we attach a "Verified by Aristotly" badge to each review.
  • Compliant with FTC Guidelines
    Our profiles and review process comply with Federal Trade Commission guidelines for reputable review sites.
  • 100% Higher Ed Focus
    Higher Ed buyers trust their peers. That's why Aristotly is 100% focused on higher ed.
  • Shareable Profiles & Embeds
    Reviews are more trustworthy on 3rd party sites. We equip your team with links & embeds that convert.


  • Transcribe & Format
    For phone reviews, we check transcribe phone calls, edit out "ums," and format for readibility.
  • Case Studies
    For longer transcriptions, we turn the review into a mini-case-study that you can use in your sales collateral.
  • Testimonials & Quotes
    We highlight killer quotes and testimonials so your sales & marketing teams can use them on-the-go.


  • Aristotly Market Scores
    To inform buyers, we use over 1 million data points on vendor market trends. Great reviews help boost your score.
  • Category Playbooks
    The Aristotly content team will be publishing in-depth visual buyer guides throughout 2019. See our calendar.
  • Buyer Guides
    Playbooks will be combined with vendor snapshots into shareable category PDFs.

Identify customer lifecycle capture points. Branded review flow, single-click authentication, and concierge for easy capture.


Verified reviews and clean, shareable profiles that follow FTC guidelines with 100% focus on winning buyer trust in higher ed.


Reviews and phone calls are transcribed, cleaned, and formatted for readability and repurposed for testimonials & case studies.


Aristotly scores, vendor snapshots, reviews, and case studies are combined with client interviews into playbooks and guides.


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