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The Year of Awesome Content for Higher Ed

The Aristotly team at Hakeema will be partnering with the top thought leaders in higher education to bring the best B2B content that higher education has ever seen. We've gathered over one million data points of 3300 vendors across 100 categories and showcased that data on our beta higher ed marketplace,

Now we're readying the troops to tackle rich in-depth buyer guides that will complement the platform after its 2019 launch. Herein we've included our provisional editorial calendar for the upcoming year. If you're a vendor, take a look to see if your thought leadership could help.

100% Free Content

All of these guides will be free (as in free pizza for life) to the higher ed community. If you're a higher ed buyer, sign up on to get updates as we publish. If you're a vendor, claim your profiles on Aristotly and invite your clients to review you (this too is completely free).

Vendors who want to go the extra mile can read about our services and premium features here. While we will cover all notable vendors in our buyer guides, we will be working with a select group throughout 2019 to capture customer interviews, case studies, and reviews so they can be rolled up into the guides.

We'll be releasing at least one category per month in the following formats:

  • Category Playbooks: long-format (9000 word) multi-section online blog posts with illustrations and links to vendor profiles, case studies, and reviews.
  • Buyer Guides: 15-30pg PDFs listing all vendors in a category with star ratings, Aristotly scores, and market size estimates.
  • Category Page: category pages on the Aristotly platform which hosts over 1 million data points on 3300 higher ed vendors. See Aristotly's full category list here.
  • Vendor Marketing & Sales Collateral (premium & enterprise plans only): 3rd-party verified, vendor snapshots with testimonial extracts and links to on-platform reviews.
Example of a "Category Playbook" format from Quicksprout (not affiliated).

Aristotly Editorial Calendar

This is the provisional list of categories our content teams will tackle in 2019:

Q3 · 2019 · Advancement

  • Higher Ed Advancement Series: Executive Search
  • Higher Ed Advancement Series: Fundraising
  • Higher Ed Advancement Series: Alumni Relations
An Category Page (beta). Set to launch in 2019.

Q4 · 2019 · Advancement // Enrollment

  • Higher Ed Advancement Series: Marketing & Communications
  • Higher Ed Advancement Series: Analytics
  • Higher Ed Enrollment Series: Enrollment Management
  • Higher Ed Enrollment Series: Online Program Management
  • Higher Ed Enrollment Series: Enrollment CRMs
  • Higher Ed Enrollment Series: Enrollment Analytics

Q1 · 2020 · Success // Technology

  • Higher Ed Student Success Series: Student Success Software
  • Higher Ed Student Success Series: Learning Analytics
  • Higher Ed Student Success Series: Learning Management Systems
  • Higher Ed Student Success Series: Campus Apps
  • Higher Ed Student Success Series: Portfolio & Career Readiness
  • Higher Ed Technology Series: Network Infrastructure & Connectivity
  • Higher Ed Technology Series: Identity Access Management

Q2 · 2020 · Success // Technology

  • Higher Ed Technology Series: Help Desk & Managed Service
  • Higher Ed Technology Series: Cloud & Integration Solutions
  • Higher Ed Technology Series: Campus Card, ID, and Transaction Systems
  • Higher Ed Business Systems: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Higher Ed Business Systems: Student Information System (SIS)
  • Higher Ed Business Systems: ECM & Document Management
  • Higher Ed Business Systems: Content Management Systems (CRM)
  • Higher Ed Business Systems: Procurement & Contract Management
  • Higher Ed Business Systems: Financial Management Software

For Higher Ed Vendors

If you're company is a thought leader in one of the above categories, great! Let's write some great content together. Please reach out to or go to our contact form on this site. If you're a premium or enterprise vendor, engage us as early as possible so we can capture a full snapshot of your customer's voice for inclusion in the guides.

"Working with the Hakeema team* was one of the best decisions of my career.  ~Nathan Martin, Director of Thought Leadership at Pearson

*Hakeema is the team behind Aristotly. You can see more of our work on our website

For Higher Ed Buyers

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